David Hasselhoff Serenades A Cup Of Frozen Coffee In New Television Ad

David Hasselhoff Serenades A Cup Of Frozen Coffee In New Television Ad

David Hasselhoff is back as a pitchman for Cumberland Farms, this time singing a love song to a cup of frozen coffee in an ad for the convenience store chain.

Hasselhoff gained a bit of fame last year when he teamed up with Cumberland Farms for an ad campaign that had disastrous results. The convenience stores printed 600 life-size pole signs depicting the Baywatch star, placing them outside stores.

The ad didn’t quite work out as Cumberland Farms planned, as all 600 David Hasselhoff signs were stolen. Some of the thieves even took to social media to show off the signs.

This summer Hasselhoff is taking a new approach. A new television ad features him on a rocky beach dressed in a white shirt and pants, singing his love to a cup of frozen coffee. The ad is aiming to tap into Hasselhoff’s comedic appeal to help promote the chain’s Iced Farmhouse Blend.

“Looking right at home on the beach, Hasselhoff sings of his affection for Cumberland Farms’ Farmhouse Blend iced coffee in a new music video showcasing the humorous side of the former Baywatch star,” ad company Full Contact said.

Even though last year’s ad campaign ended up in a nationwide crime epidemic, Cumberland Farms officials said they were happy to bring David Hasselhoff back again.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and luckily neither does David Hasselhoff. We saw the awareness and entertainment value he brought to the brand last year and are looking forward to the same this year,” said David Heilbronner, Senior Manager Brand Strategy, Cumberland Farms.

Cumberland Farms officials said the 2012 campaign was a hit, outside of the snatched signs. After David Hasselhoff appeared in a series of television ads for Cumberland Farms, sales of Farmhouse Blend Coffee increased by 147 percent. Positive fan reaction prompted the convenience store chain to seek out Hasselhoff again this year.