‘Man Of Steel’ Limited Edition Blu-Ray Artwork Revealed [Photos]

Although Man of Steel was released in theaters just a few weeks ago, the folks at Warner Bros. are sincerely hoping you’re thinking about the future.

Since the studio has a certified hit on their hands, executives are wasting no time putting together the film’s inevitable home video release. In fact, artwork for the Blu-ray has already surfaced online.

The boys and girls at Comic Book Movie stumbled across the images you see below while browsing around Amazon France. According to the website, only 35,000 copies of the Man of Steel limited edition Blu-ray will be available worldwide.

As you can see from the artwork, this version of the home video release will include copies of the film on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultraviolet. Each edition will also be numbered so you can prove to your friends that you’re one of the world’s most dedicated Superman supporters.

Fans can also choose between two versions of the Man of Steel Blu-ray. One cover features the Superman insignia, while the other shows star Henry Cavill in front of a ruined vault. If you’re hardcore, then you can always purchase both.

When can fans expect the summer blockbuster to arrive on home video? According to Flickering Myth, the latest big-screen version of the classic superhero will arrive on October 23, 2013. However, you’ll probably want to pre-order the Blu-ray if you’re interested in getting the limited edition version.

Those who have yet to experience the adventure should check out Man of Steel while it’s in theaters. Since the movie is still in the top ten, moviegoers should be able to catch the flick in cinemas before it’s bumped to make room for the rest of the summer’s offerings.

The artwork for the upcoming Blu-ray release is included below.

Man Of Steel Blu-Ray

Man Of Steel Home Video

Man Of Steel Warner Bros.

Did you catch Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in theaters? Do you plan to pick up the limited edition Blu-ray when it lands on retail shelves this October?