Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Split? Couple Spotted Together Amid Breakup Rumors

jennifer aniston

Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux break up? Rumors circulated last week that the celebrity couple had called it quits but new photos that surfaced online over the holiday weekend tell a different story.

Aniston and Theroux were spotted shopping together Los Angeles over the weekend.

Breakup rumors have been swirling around the celebrity couple for two major reasons: First, Aniston and Theroux still aren’t married. The two were engaged last summer but have been putting off their wedding. The two are also reportedly having problems deciding where they want to live. Theroux wants to live in New York while Aniston wants to move to California.

But both of those reasons have pretty much been ruled out. They are currently renovating a mansion in Bel-Air, California (housing issue rumor debunked) and Aniston recently said that she was busy with her career at the moment and that they would get married as soon as things settle down.

A source close to the couple told UPI: “The tabloids are ridiculous. They have busy lives, but they know how to make it work and how to ignore the media.”

Do you think Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will soon be splitting up? Or are the tabloids just exaggerating and making up rumors?

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