Conan O’Brien discloses name and date for TBS show!

In possibly the most dramatic and backbiting story to come out of television this year, you may have missed that NBC were totally Indian givers and took Conan O’Brien’s late night show away from him to hand it back to Jay Leno.

Much internetting ensued. Posters were made, protests were staged, Conan joined Twitter and acquired a beard and traveling show and then George Lopez offered Conan his slot on TBS. But that was a trillion years ago back in May or something, and no one knew when the much ballyhooed return of the towering ginger fellow would occur on the small screen. (It didn’t help that his tour was called the “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.” (For how long, Conan?!)

If you’ve been missing O’Brien’s pallor and quick wit, you can rest assured it’s coming and not too far in the future- he posted a video to the TeamCoco YouTube account today to announce both a name and a date. The show will premiere on November 8th, and it will be called… Conan. In a press release, Conan said:

“I’m just using ‘Conan’ and dropping the ‘O’Brien’ because I want to get away from the whole Irish thing.”