Roswell UFO Incident's Anniversary Celebrated By Google

Patricia Didelot

Google's newest doodle celebrates the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident. For decades, UFO enthusiasts have believed that there was an alien landing in the New Mexico town, which some believe, the government covered up.

Many conspiracy theories arose from claims that the US military captured an alien aircraft outside Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947, but authorities' explanation was that the event was no more than the recovery of debris from a top secret balloon.

A local military base released the information on a press release, creating the controversy by stating that the incident involved a flying saucer.

In an attempt to silence conspiracy theorists, the US Air Force released a 231-page report titled Case Closed: Final Report on the Roswell Crash.

The report asserted that alien bodies witnesses reported seeing at the crash scene were actually life-sized anthropomorphic test dummies.

The Roswell incident has been the theme of several movies, books, and speculation since it occurred. Interest in the incident was renewed once again in 1995 when a London-based entrepreneur, Ray Santilli, claimed that he had film footage showing an autopsy being performed on one of the Roswell aliens.

In 2006, Santilli said that the film was a reconstruction of what he insisted was real events.

Google is celebrating the anniversary of the incident with some humor. The doodle is a black and white image of a UFO looking object, to replicate the time during which the event took place.

When users click on the image, the object does several tasks that resemble that of what a flying saucer would do. The landscape on the doodle is made to look like the New Mexico desert.

Conspiracy theorists are still unconvinced by the military's explanations and many believe that indeed an alien spacecraft had landed.

What do you think of the way Google is celebrating the Roswell UFO incident?