This is happening: Fallout: New Vegas features robot/human sex

I was always planning to pick up Fallout: New Vegas (on account that Fallout 3 was my favorite game of 2008), but now I’ve gone from wanting the game to NEEDING it.

According to North American ratings body the ESRB, Fallout: New Vegas features something I can’t recall seeing in any other game: human/robot relations. It’s the future! In their synopsis of New Vegas (here), the ESRB scribes write:

“there is also an extended sequence suggesting (no depiction) sexual activity with a robot”

Better still, the description then picks out some sample dialogue from said sequence:

“Fisto reporting for duty . . . Please assume the position,” “I suppose I should test you out . . . Servos active!” and “Something wrong with someone if they got to f**k a machine.”

Brilliant. For all you fans of robo-human intercourse (and just really damn good games), Fallout: New Vegas hits Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in North America on October 19th.

[ESRB, via Destructoid]