Victorian era Marvel characters with a touch of steampunk

Ya, I’m a sucker for just about anything steampunk but toss in some of my favorite comic characters from the Marvel universe and you get a lot of damn I wish I owned those moments.

I mean what else can you say about a Victorian era version of Iron Man with a just right dose of steampunk thrown in for good measure?

The work is by a gentleman going by the nickname of Sillof, pronounced “Si” (like Psi or Sci-fi ) and “llof” (like cough or pilaf), who has been doing this kind of thing most of his life as a hobby.

You can find the complete collection of his works at Sillof’s Workshop but these are my favorites from his Victorian Marvels collection. Also one off the cool things about the collection is that Sillof has created a back story for some of the characters he has re-imaged so take a few minutes to drop by the site and check them out further.

Man of Iron


Captain America

Dr. Banner / Mr. Hulk

The Vision

Blind Priest – Daredevil

Wanted Outlaw – Frank “The Punisher” Castle