Apple iWatch Extends iPhone Functionality With Wearable Tech

The Apple iWatch is launching soon and people want to know one thing about the iWatch: what will it do?

The short answer is that the Apple iWatch will extend the Apple iPhone with extra functionality only available to users of the iWatch wearable technology.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Apple iWatch will compete with smartwatches from Samsung and Sony.

Rumors of the Apple iWatch started last year, but it was not until this spring that patents for the Apple iWatch were registered within countries all over the world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes the iWatch is a “very important branch of the tree” when compared to the Apple iPhone and iPad:

“I think the iPhone pushed us forward fast and the tablet accelerated it. I think wearables could be another branch. I think this group will be very involved in this.”

After all, projections claim smart watches like the Apple iWatch could generate $800 million in revenue this year, perhaps doubling by 2014.

So what will the Apple iWatch do exactly? Everyone is assuming the Apple iWatch will run on a modified version of iOS7. You should probably expect to talk to Siri through your wrist like Dick Tracy. As a smart watch the Apple iWatch could sync or interact with an iPhone or iPad, allowing for easier messaging, making and receiving calls, time checking (it’s a watch!), music listening, picture and video viewing, and a host of other functions.

But people asking what the Apple iWatch does would probably be disappointed with a list so pedestrian. This is Apple we’re talking about, and people want innovation. The most obvious innovation would be a mini projector that not only emits a screen onto a flat surface but tracks the other hand so it’s a usable interface. Other haptic features could alert iPhone users to Facebook updates and hordes of other notifications. Health nuts might get heart monitors and exercise tracking. NFC could be integrated into the Apple iWatch to make it function like a wrist-based credit card for financial transactions.

Unfortunately, nothing official about the Apple iWatch has been released so perhaps they’ll surprise us with something even more amazing.

Do you think the Apple iWatch and wearable technology in general will be popular?