George Zimmerman Social Security Number Broadcast On CNN During Trial Coverage

George Zimmerman had his Social Security Number and other personal information broadcast by CNN during its trial coverage on Monday.

The flub came as the network was covering a police report regarding George Zimmerman. On the screen flashed a form called “Narrative Report,” containing his name, address, date of birth, Social Security Number, and phone number.

The mistake was immediately caught by scores of viewers, as well as media watchdog sites.

On Monday the trial entered its second week, following one in which neighbors relayed their accounts of the fight that led to the death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman and his defense team contend that the 17-year-old Martin attacked Zimmerman, leading him to shoot the teen in self-defense.

But neighbors couldn’t seem to reach consensus on who had the upper hand in a fight between the two. Some said that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and laying punches, while others say that Martin was being beaten and screaming for help.

The second week of the George Zimmerman trial is expected to focus more on scientific evidence, with forensics experts set to take the stand.

But on the first day of the second week, much of the talk centered on CNN’s mistaken broadcast of George Zimmerman’s Social Security Number.

In case viewers watched it, those following George Zimmerman trial updates on Twitter were bombarded with reminders.

And somewhere right now, someone just DVR’d to the part where they showed Zimmerman’s address, phone number & social security. Smh

— Someone (@FakeHassani) July 1, 2013

Some sites are speculating that George Zimmerman could bring a lawsuit against CNN for broadcasting his Social Security Number, though he has his own legal matters to attend to first.