Palin attacks bloggers, Maddow strikes back

The gift that keeps on giving, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin doesn’t like them nasty bloggers, you know the ones, the ones that gossip in their pijamas!

PALIN: Early on, there are a tremendous number of examples we can give about my record and things that could have, should have so easily been corrected if the media would take it one step further and investigate it a little bit and not just gone on some blogger — probably sitting there in their parent’s basement wearing their pajamas blogging some kind of gossip or a lie.

Yeah, because Hot Air and Michelle Malkin have been really hard on Palin. MSNBC’s rising star Rachel Maddow hits back with style, and even if you don’t like her politics, if you’re a blogger you’ve got to love her for this (embed below)

(via Huffpost)