British kickboxer sought in Thailand for murder of Oklahoma man

A feud between a British man and an American who were in Thailand to study kickboxing has resulted in the death of 23-year-old DaShawn Longfellow, and police are searching for the man they say followed the Oklahoma ex-Marine to his front door at a Phuket resort and stabbed him to death.

Reports surrounding the incident seem to indicate that the British kickboxer, Lee Aldhouse, “provoked” a fight with Longfellow, which he then lost. Aldhouse is said to have later appeared at Longfellow’s resort, where the murder occurred. Longfellow’s mother spoke with local media about her son’s life:

“He fought since the day he was born,” she says. “He was three months premature and he made it through it. He struggled in school, he made it through it. He went to the Marines, two wars and he made it through it. He goes over there to do something that he loves and gets killed for something stupid.”

Reports also say that Longfellow received a Purple Heart after he served in Iraq and Afghanistan.