Alec Baldwin Goes On Twitter Rant, Wife Hilaria Takes A More Tactful Approach

Dan Evon

Early Friday morning Alec Baldwin sent out some pretty hateful tweets that were filled with curse words, gay slurs, and violent threats. His wife, Hilaria Baldwin, took a slightly more civilized approach.

The controversy started earlier this week at James Gandolfini's funeral. A Daily Mail reporter wrote an article claiming that Hilaria was tweeting during the funeral.

Alec didn't appreciate that rumor and went on an epic rant. The actor's tweets have been deleted but several websites were able to capture screenshots of the hateful messages.

Alec writes: "Someone wrote that my wife was tweeting at a funeral. Hey. That's not true. But I'm gonna tweet at your funeral. I'm gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I'm gonna f––"

Hilaria was also upset about the report. The actor's pregnant wife, however, managed to issue a statement without calling Stark a "toxic little queen."

Hilaria writes: "Today was supposed to be about remembering a friend, loving each other, treasuring life, & moving fwd w more appreciation for our fragility ... Some pretty bad journalism caused a lot of drama."

Hilaria definitely took a more tactful approach to the situation but that still doesn't excuse her from tweeting at Gandolfini's funeral. Oh, wait, Hilaria didn't actually use her phone during the funeral.

Show Biz 411 notes that the Daily Mail reporter didn't account for timezones when he wrote the story. Roger Friedman writes: "Hilaria Thomas Baldwin didn’t Tweet during James Gandolfini’s funeral ... The funeral ran from 10:05am-to about 11:30am. Hilaria has a Tweet at 11:47am about making smoothies. I know that I was out of the church by 11:55am and I left after they did."

The Daily Mail reporter may have gotten the story wrong but Alec probably should have refrained from using gay slurs. In fact, the only really innocent and likeable person in this story is Hilaria who managed to control her emotions despite disrespectful allegations.

— Hilaria Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) June 28, 2013