Dell Streak Gets Priced At $300 For AT&T, Street Date Announced

The Dell Streak has been rearing it’s decently stylish head for the last few months and now we finally have an AT&T Wireless price of $300 with a two-year contract and a street date of August 13th.

The unit features a large 5-inch display, 1GHz processor, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and a Sirf III GPS processor. The unit also features Google Android, which will probably be version 1.6, although no specifics have been provided at this time.

Don’t want a contract? Be prepared to drop $550 to go contract free, a rather steep price to pay when you consider breaking your two year contract will still come in cheaper than buying the phone at full price.

What do you think about the Dell Streak? Are you ready to pay $300 for the unit?