Sarah Gadon Is Not Mary Jane Watson, But Will Be In ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’


Remember the reports that newcomer Sara Gadon was the new Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Well, you can forget about that, because apparently Gadon isn’t replacing Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson.

Instead Sarah Gadon will have a new role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Gadon confirmed the news by tweeting to her followers directly, clearing up several reports that had her pegged as MJ. Gadon’s tweet reads:

“To all those a twitter. I will not be playing MJ in Spider-Man. I have a role in the film, but it is not that one.”

This news is direct confirmation that correlates with original news that The Wrap’s Jeff Sneifer first broke with, which is that Mary Jane Watson will not appear in the new Spider-Man franchise until the third film, which is slated for 2016.

At the time Sneider wrote about publications taking off with the Sarah Gadon as Mary Jane Watson rumor:

“A FALSE rumor started that Sarah replaced Shailene [Woodley] as MJ. She confirmed to ET Canada she’s in the movie. Fans made a connection. It’s wrong. Nothing else to report, so calm down everyone. No drama here to see. Marc Webb cut MJ appearance to streamline the story.”

Originally The Hollywood Reporter ran with the story that after Shailene Woodley was out as Mary Jane Watson, that the production was likely to recast. Now we know that’s false, at least it is until the third installment of the series.

Of course now that we have definite confirmation that Mary Jane Watson isn’t in the film, and Sarah Gadon still is, the question becomes, who will Sarah Gadon play in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film? Any guesses? We’re completely stumped as Sarah Gadon is listed but without a character. Perhaps they’re bringing another evil character to duke it out alongside The Rhino and Electro?