Ouya Launch On Amazon Sold Out Upon Release

The Ouya game console launch is already off to a running start on release, already selling out on Amazon.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Ouya gaming console had some negative reviews back in April, but Ouya claimed the review units were based upon an earlier development version of the Ouya.

The $99 Ouya console is based upon the open source Android operating system and features an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage. The Ouya also ships with one Bluetooth wireless controller, which cost $49.99 each. Your Ouya gaming experience will begin with over 170 free-to-try games, as well as streaming services such as Twitch.tv, TuneIn, XBMC, iHeartRadio and Plex.

The company claims there are about 150 games developed for or ported to the Ouya, including major titles like Final Fantasy and more. Ouya games are expected to cost between $5 and $15.

While the Ouya gaming console is relatively cheap compared to the PlayStation 4 ($399) and Xbox One ($499), the Ouya team has recently said they plan to release a new, more powerful Ouya every year. This means, as a consumer, you will need to pay $99 — double the price of Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus — annually just to make sure you always have the up-to-date Ouya. Ouya will use a digital distribution system similar to Steam, so any games will be tied to your user account and not the physical console. This means that each new version of the Ouya will be backwards compatible.

Although Ouya is already sold out on Amazon you can try buying the Ouya at Best Buy, GameStop and Target.

How do you think the Ouya game console compares to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4?