June 25, 2013
Kate Gosselin Racist Pic Flap, Mom Says 'A Happy Memory'

Kate Gosselin's racist pic controversy is dogging the mom of eight today as she deals with the backlash, but she explains that her kids are half-Asian, and the picture was a way to joke about her being the only non-Asian person in the house.

The Kate Gosselin racist pic drama began when the baby mama of Jon tweeted an image where she was pulling on her eyes and wearing a black bun headpiece.

Former hubby Jon is half white and half Korean, Kate says, and the racist pic was a vestige of their old life together.

On her site, Gosselin says:

"This was a happy memory of mine. It was a happy time for me and Jon, smiling and 'goofing off' together."

(Does someone sound a little wistful?)

"Jon and I were opening fan mail together one afternoon — which often filled the garage of our Elizabethtown home — and when we opened this plastic Asian dress up wig sent from a caring fan, we smiled, each taking turns posing in it and snapping photos (on my phone) of each other. Naturally, I 'slanted' my eyes to show him my best Asian impression, which made him smile."

On what appears to be the latest example of accidental racism, Kate adds:

"Evidently, a fan sent it for me to wear so that I too could 'be Asian' like the rest of my family. At that time, a common topic of our show was 'everybody’s Asian' — except for mommy, so a thoughtful fan figured she’d help me look Asian too!"

The star explains:

It’s normal to talk about and even 'exaggerate' the feature differences between family members of a biracial family as they are noticed by curious growing children within the family. These types of discoveries and at home discussions are a normal part of being a loving accepting biracial family and it does not make any of us [prejudiced]!"

An unnamed party had tweeted originally:


Kate's full racist pic blog post is available here.