Woman Kicked Off Plane For Talking On Cell Phone

A woman who was flying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina was kicked off a US Airways plane and eventually arrested for talking on her cell phone and having an altercation with deputies.

Lindsay Bien-aime apparently would not stop talking on her cell phone even though she was asked several times to put it away. The pilot even had to return the plane to the gate, which likely upset many passengers.

Sheriff's deputies were eventually called to escort Bien-aime off the flight, but she put up quite a fight. She apparently became irate immediately and started yelling profanities. When they tried to physically remove her from the plane, she kicked one deputy in the groin, elbowed another deputy in the face and scratched two others.

"I'll hold up this whole [expletive] plane," Bien-aime said. "I don't care where people got to go. I don't care."

The woman's 2-year-old son, who was sitting next to her on the plane and apparently said,  "Mommy...I'm scared."

She was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest with violence and two counts of assault on a law enforcement official.

Bien-aime isn't the only person to get kicked off a plane. In April, a man with Tourette Syndrome was kicked off a JetBlue flight after repeatedly saying "bomb" during the check in process.

Michael Doyle brought paperwork with him that documented his illness in case he said anything inappropriate. The 19-year-old reportedly said "bomb" around 100 times. He admitted that he was thinking about the Boston Marathon bombings and became nervous.

The pilot later realized that the situation was harmless and offered Doyle a free round trip ticket on another JetBlue flight.

Have you ever dealt with an unruly passenger while you were on a plane?

[Image via Shuttershock]