TWA Flight 800: ‘Most Likely A Terrorist Bomb’

TWA Flight 800, which crashed killing 230 passengers back in 1996, was likely to have been caused by a blast, maybe a terrorist bomb.

In a new documentary, it comes to light that the final report on the cause of the fatal crash was falsified. Six experts who were on the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation team 17 years ago when the crash happened are now saying that they were silenced by their superiors at the time.

The TWA Flight 800 exploded about 11 minutes after taking off on the flight from New York’s JFK airport bound for Paris. After an in-depth four year investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, it was concluded that a fuel tank explosion on the flight caused it to crash.

At the time, the NTSB was unsure exactly what caused the blast but said: “Of the sources evaluated by the investigation, the most likely was a short circuit outside of the (fuel tank) that allowed excessive voltage to enter it through electrical wiring.”

In the trailer for the documentary, which will feature on Epix in July, one of the experts says: “We didn’t find any part of the airplane that indicated a mechanical failure,” claiming the that investigation at the time was “systematically undermined” by Federal authorities.

Hank Hughes, the senior accident investigator from NTSB suggested that at the time the TWA Flight 800 crash was shrouded in mystery. He note that FBI agents were spotted in the hanger where the crash evidence was kept: “in the wee hours of the morning, for purposes unknown.”

The pressure caused by the whistle blowers and the documentary have made the NTSB sit up and pay attention. This is clear from their official statement:

“While the NTSB rarely re-investigates issues that have already been examined, our investigations are never closed and we can review any new information not previously considered by the Board,” continuing:

“The TWA Flight 800 investigation lasted four years and remains one of the NTSB’s most detailed investigations. Investigators took great care reviewing, documenting and analyzing facts and data and held a five-day hearing to gather additional facts before determining the probable cause of the accident during a two-day Board meeting.”

Not everyone is on-board though when it comes to the reopening of this investigation. Matt Zimkiewicz’s sister died on the flight, in a letter to other victims families he wrote:

“It is a big distraction and particularly painful for families. . . Personal self-fulfilling motives by exploiting those who died on TWA800 is nauseating. It is my personal, as well as my family’s position that we have full faith and confidence in the NTSB’s final report on TWA 800.”

See the Associated Press short clip below for more information:

Do you think the investigation should be re-opened or do you think it is just a painful reminder for the victims families ? Is it best to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ or would you like to see a re-investigation of the TWA flight 800 ? Post comments below