LeBron James Shoe Shooting: Man Kills Robber While Waiting In Line For Sneakers

A man was killed this weekend in Atlanta shortly before the release of LeBron James new shoe.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, an armed citizen waiting in line to buy the LeBron X Denim in Little Five Points noticed a man trying to rob a group of people. The man had his fellow shoe shoppers hold his place in line and then shot the would-be robber.

After killing the anonymous man, the armed citizen got back in line for LeBron's new sneaker.

Police have not charged anyone for shooting the robber and believe that the man acted in self-defense.

Taylor White, who was standing in line when the shooting occurred, said: "He [the shooter] really stood up for all of us... I salute the homie that did that."

The shooting occurred outside of Wish clothing store at about 5:30 in the morning. A line had already formed outside of the store despite the fact that the store wouldn't be opened, and the shoe wouldn't be available, until 11:30 that afternoon. According to Bleacher Report, the shoes cost $180 and only 22 pairs were available at Wish.

The store sold all of its shoes within a few hours of opening. It's unclear if the shooter was able to get his LeBron X Denim shoes.

Information about the shooting is scarce at the moment but Officer John Chafee, an Atlanta Police Department spokesman, said that there had been several reports of a pickpocket in the area before the shooting.

[Image Via Sneaker News]