Watch Nik Wallenda’s Grand Canyon Tightrope Walk Live Online

Daredevil Nik Wallenda is preparing for a tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon. The stuntman plans to use the Navajo Nation as the backdrop for one of his most ambitious feats to date — walking a high wire 1,500 feet in the air.

On Sunday evening, users can watch Wallenda’s Grand Canyon walk live online. The ambitious attempt comes just one year after Wallenda crossed Niagra Falls, earning a seventh Guinness world record.

While Wallenda will be using the same two-inch thick cable he had last year, he won’t be wearing a safety harness this time. The Discovery Channel will broadcast Wallenda’s Grand Canyon walk live on television, starting at 8 pm EDT Sunday. The broadcast will include a 10-second delay.

Along with television, a few outlets will be broadcasting Wallenda’s daredevil stunt live online. The broadcast is expected to last about two hours as the high-wire walker crosses the quarter mile cable. Wallenda will wear two cameras for the performance. One will look down on the mostly dry Little Colorado River bed. The other will face straight ahead, giving watchers the same perspective as Nik.

Nik is a seventh-generation high-wire artist, whose family is no stranger to tragedy on the tightrope. While the “Flying Wallendas” circus family has achieved death-defying feats, they have also lost several members to accidents. Nik’s great-grandfather is one.

Karl Wallenda fell during a performance in Puerto Rico and died. Several other family members, including a cousin and an uncle of Nik’s, have died while attempting stunts on the high wire. And Sunday’s performance isn’t without its deadly risks. Among those is the fact that Wallenda won’t have a safety harness.

As wind could be an issue in the Grand Canyon, Nik Wallenda has plans to hold onto the tightrope should the winds reach 30 mph or more. But the daredevil has trained through much worse. Along with walking in 52 mph wind gusts during Tropical Storm Andrea, Wallenda has also trained with wind machines that simulated 45-55 mph wind gusts.

The only thing that will halt Sunday’s performance is lightning within a 50-mile radius of the steel rope. Other than that, Nik Wallenda has said he is ready.

Will you watch live online as Nik Wallenda attempts to walk across the Grand Canyon?

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