Nik Wallenda Makes Atlantic City Tightrope Walk After Conquering Niagara Falls

Nik Wallenda captured the attention of the world when he completed a harrowing tightrope walk over Niagara Falls earlier this summer, but the daredevil wasn’t finished with his stunts for the summer.

This week Nik Wallenda completed another difficult, if not quite as dangerous, tightrope walk, this time crossing over the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Even though he may not have had rushing water and mist below him, the Atlantic City tightrope walk was a 1,300-foot walk that took place 100 feet above the beach between the Atlantic Club and Tropicana casinos, reported.

The Atlantic City tightrope walk also had a higher degree of difficulty. Nik Wallenda made the walk without the tether that ABC-TV required him to wear for his Niagara Falls stunt.

“In the history of my family’s career, we’ve never worn a tether,” said the 33-year-old about his famous daredevil family.

Nik Wallenda’s Atlantic City event is a precursor to a show that will run for a little more than a month at Tropicana. “Beyond the Falls: Nik Wallenda & The Wallenda Family Experience,” a new thrill show, is set to run between Aug. 12 and Sept. 22.

Speaking before the event, Nik Wallenda note that he almost chose not to follow the family tradition of being a daredevil performer.

“I thought about going to medical school and being a pediatrician when I was 18,” he told “But then I did some performances and realized this is what I wanted to do.”

Nik Wallenda completed the Atlantic City tightrope walk with more than 100,000 people watching, CBS News noted.

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