Armie Hammer Was Almost Stabbed During Sex

Armie Hammer isn’t a fan of girls who play with knives in the bedroom.

The star of Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger is currently promoting the upcoming cinematic adventure. During a recent interview, the actor recalled one of his more dangerous sexual encounters.

Before he tied the knot with former model and journalist Elizabeth Chambers, Armie Hammer was just a guy looking for love. During one of his attempts at romantic bliss, the actor said he attacked by a woman who didn’t think he had enough scars.

“One chick tried to stab me when we were having sex. She was like, ‘True love leaves scars. You don’t have any.’ And then she tried to stab me with a butcher knife,” he explained to Elle magazine.

Did Armie Hammer learn his lesson? Yes, but not right away.

“Of course I promptly broke up with her. Seven months later,” he joked.

When it comes to danger, it would appear Hammer isn’t afraid of anything. In addition to fending off knife-wielding women in the bedroom, The Lone Ranger star battles tons of bad guys on the big screen.

While a lot of the action you see in the movie is added during post-production, this didn’t stop director Gore Verbinski from putting Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp on top of a moving train during filming.

“It was kind of a big loop that kind of had a little thing to it and figured out the proper angles so that they could maximize the amount of sunlight they would get and shoot for the most amount of time, at the right turns and all that,” he explained to Access Hollywood.