Panhandler Stabs Rival In Times Square

rivaling panhandlers in Times Square

The Inquisitr recently reported on the death of 23-year-old Christine Calderon, who was stabbed while on the infamous Walk of Fame sidewalk in Hollywood, California, following an argument with panhandlers over $1.

Officers found the woman bleeding from multiple stab wounds near the busy intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue at about 8:30 pm Tuesday. She later died at the hospital.

Calderon and her friends had been touring the area and taking photos when she was approached by three men. The men demanded that she pay them $1 for taking their picture. Calderon refused. One of the men proceeded to pull out a knife and stab Calderon in the torso, causing a fatal injury.

The three men were arrested in the attack and charged with murder and assault.

Yet another stabbing has occurred involving panhandlers along another famous landmark stretch, this time on the east coast, in New York’s Times Square.

Two rivals, Justin Long and Wayne Semancik – better known by their sign names as Weed Guy and Beer Guy – engaged in an altercation Friday night that resulted in one of them getting injured and the other arrested.

“I need money for weed” Long stabbed “I need money for beer” Semancik in the head several times with a pen. Two people dressed as Alien and the Predator witnessed the assault between the two Times Square regulars, according to police.

The Huffington Post reports the argument had been over territory – escalating when Long spit on Semancik who responded in kind by striking Long. Long countered with the pen.

Long was arrested and Semancik treated for lacerations to his face at the scene.

People asking for spare change is common as beggars frequent heavily populated public areas near markets, entertainment venues, bus and train depots, parks, and along busy streets.

Statistically, the majority of those who panhandle have difficulty maintaining regular employment due to a mental illness or disability.

Begging is the practice of beseeching upon the charity of others for money, food, or even a cigarette with no expectation of reciprocation. Some will subtly make requests for alms, while others hold up signs blatantly imploring for donations.

However, aggressive panhandling tactics – verbal threats, stalking, and intimidation – are prohibited in the US, as they lead to unfortunate attacks.

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