Jenny McCarthy Shows Some Skin In Racy Carl’s Jr. Ad

Jenny McCarthy Shows Some Skin In Racy Carl's Jr. Ad

Jenny McCarthy is showing some skin — and what seems to be some difficulties eating — in a new ad for Carl’s Jr.

The former Playboy model turned television host appears in the ad to promote a new cranberry apple walnut grilled chicken salad, but seems to show the eating proficiency of a toddler. McCarthy seems to get more of the salad down her low-cut top than any where near her mouth, but given the history of Carl’s Jr. ads it seems that was kind of the point.

The burger chain has been known for picking scantily clad women to push their offerings. In another ad, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton had similar difficulties eating a burger, causing her to take off a pink sweater. Other Carl’s Jr. ads have featured Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Padma Lakshmi.

Eating problems aside, Jenny McCarthy has had a career revival of sorts after some years away from the spotlight. She is the host of a new VH1 talk show, one that’s also helping her dating game. McCarthy, who has been in a series of failed relationships, said she’s tried blind dates and even online dating, but recently resorted to using her show to make love connections.

“I’m hoping to meet some on my talk show,” Jenny McCarthy told People, adding, “I keep telling my producers to books some cute, heterosexual single men.”

But McCarthy said she’s often too busy for the dating scene with her show and taking care of her son, but admits she misses the romance and especially “the cuddling.”

“Any days off I’m with my son, so I feel I really want to put myself on hold,” she said.

The strategy hasn’t worked so far, Jenny McCarthy noted. She’s not had much luck booking guys she’s interested in dating.