Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez: Harvard Has No Record

Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez may be a genius, but Harvard has no record of his admission as a student. Numerous news agencies in Mexico and the US have reported that the 11-year-old was admitted to the Ivy League Institution.

Luis’ family insists that their son is one of only three child prodigies in Mexico. With reported IQ of around 155, Luis could very well qualify as a genius. The young boy started reading on his own at the age of four, and began studying English at the age of five.

As reported by Latin Times, Luis is now fluent in English, and is currently studying Chinese, French, and Mandarin. He has a variety of interests including technology and science.

Luis’ parents explain that their son loves to learn new things. Unfortunately socializing with other children can be difficult. Luis was eventually forced to leave his school due to bullying.

Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez completed his high school curriculum within three months, moving on to the Intelirobot Institute of San Luis Potosi to study robotics and mechatronics.

Currently, Luis is a student of the Open System College of Bachelors at the Zamora campus.

Numerous news agencies have reported that Luis was admitted to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. However, Harvard has no record of his application or admission.

As reported by Fox News, Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez can be proud of his accomplishments, but admission to Harvard is not included. Colin Manning of Harvard University made a statement about the reports:

“We do not discuss individual students, but I can tell you that Harvard College has no record of this applicant.”

As reported by the Huffington Post, a Harvard representative confirmed that they have “no record” of Luis‘ application or admission.

Boy Genius

Despite lack of admission to Harvard, Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez can be proud that he has continued to excel in his studies and interests. His accomplishments, at such a young age, are truly inspirational.

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