Popocatepetl Volcano Eruption After UFO Sighting Scares Mexico [Video]

The Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City has exploded in spectacular fashion.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano recently saw a visit from a UFO.

In the video clip, the UFO seems to approach the Popocatepetl volcano, slow down, and then deliberately enter the lava-filled crater. Experts say that the video wasn’t faked, but so far the best explanation for this UFO sighting is that it was an aircraft heading off into the horizon, making it appear as if it was “descending” due to the curvature of the earth.

Seeing the Popocatepetl volcano erupt so soon after the UFO incident may have some people getting their tin hats out. But the 4.5 million Mexican residents living within 50 kilometers of Popocatepetl volcano were already at “yellow phase two.”

The name for the Popocatepetl volcano translates into “smoking mountain” so it seems obvious such volcanic activity isn’t unprecedented. The Popocatepetl volcano actually erupted back in 2000 in one of the most largest ever in recent history.

The last time Popocatepetl volcano erupted the surrounding countryside was evacuated, but this time Popocatepetl volcano’s rumblings only lasted a short while. Still, it was quite a sight to see. Mexican observers likened it to a rocket going off.

Director of Puebla’s Civil Protection department Jesus Morales said the Popocatepetl volcano sparked fires throughout the region:

“There were clouds at the time of the eruption so it was possible to observe the large shock wave accompanied by a plume of ash and incandescent material.”

The Popocatepetl volcano eruption video clearly shows the shockwave that shook houses like an earthquake.

Do you think the Popocatepetl volcano eruption has anything to do with the UFO sighting?

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