Kanye West Will Tour In Support Of ‘Yeezus’ Album


After Kanye West’s interview with The New York Times came out, it didn’t look like West was on any conventional route when it came to promoting his album. Up until then, Kanye hadn’t done any interviews, and didn’t push any single off of the Yeezus album to support the upcoming release.

Not it’s being said that Kanye West will actively tour in support of the Yeezus album despite the fact that he just had a baby with Kim Kardashian, and that he seems to not give a hoot how the album is received.

This bit of news was revealed by Yeezus’ co-producer, Mike Dean, during a Reddit chat while answering questions from fans. West, who skipped touring for 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is reportedly hitting the road for Yeezus.

Although Mike Dean didn’t release any dates for the upcoming tour, or the name of the tour (we’re thinking it’s just going to be plain old Yeezus), he did mention that he will be performing with Kanye. Previously to the new tour, Dean performed with Kanye at Coachella and Governors Ball as he played keyboard and guitar.

As for the most anticipated song to be heard live off of the new Yeezus album? According to Mike Dean it’s “Hold My Liquor”, which we could actually see as concert goers usually know how to have a wild and good time with one overpriced drink in hand. “Hold My Liquor” is also one of the most dynamic songs off of the new album as West is joined by Bon Iver on the track.

This of course won’t be the first time West performs tracks off of the Yeezus album, but it will be the first time he performs a bunch in bulk in what we hope is a full set-list from the rapper.