John Mayer, Taylor Swift And Prancercise Come Together In New Video

John Mayer’s new video for “Paper Dolls” is all about prancercise and Taylor Swift.

Well, maybe about Taylor Swift.

The new video features Johanna Rohrback, the woman who invented the new exercise craze (craze may not be the best word since Rohrback seems to be one of the only people to actually do it) as she dances her way down the street to the sound of Mayer’s new song.

Mayer says that Rohrback is doing “Advanced Prancercise” in the video but the fitness guru denies this claim.

Rohrback writes: “They introduce it as Advanced Prancercise which I assure you it’s not..however, they just probably wanted to differentiate it from my real program..I really enjoyed doing it and applaud John for being unique in this presentation..not just another Hollywood cookie cutter version!”

Rohrback may love John Mayer’s “Paper Dolls” but there’s one person who probably doesn’t appreciate his new song: Taylor Swift.

Many people are speculating that “Paper Dolls” is a Swift diss. Taylor famously wrote about her ex-boyfriend in the song “Dear John” and Mayer recently said that he was absolutely humiliated by it.

Could this be Mayer’s revenge on Swift?

According to MTV, there are several clues that the song is about Taylor Swift.

During the chorus, Mayer sings: “You’re like 22 girls in one/and none of them know what they’re running from.”

This could be a two part reference to Swift. The singer released the song “22” as a single earlier this year and on the song ‘Dear John” she talks about how she regrets not listening to people who told her to run away.

The line “Someone’s gonna paint you another sky” also seems to reference to a Taylor Swift song. In “Dear John” she sings: “You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain.”

But John Mayer doesn’t seem to harbor any ill-will toward his former girlfriend. After all, Mayer sings: “Here’s a dress of gold and blue/Sure was fun being good to you.”