Matt Skuta Records One Second From His Daily Activities [Video]

Matt Skuta is taking the Internet by storm thanks to the video project he has undertaken; the Oklahoma resident records one second of his day-to-day life and edits it together to make interesting online vids.

Although there isn’t just one video of him doing this, his latest installment, which was posted just over 20 hours ago, shows six months crammed into a 3:34 clip.

This will give you more than enough insight into his life just by using the briefest of moments for each day. Contemporary artists move aside: There’s a new kid on the block.

Despite how odd this idea seems on the surface, it has generated a huge amount of views and followers who seemingly can’t get enough of seeing the world through another person’s eyes, with some people going so far as to comment saying, “I find this strangely beautiful. I enjoyed that.”

Although his clips are less dramatic and false like traditional reality TV, Matt Skuta is fast becoming a new type of reality TV star; while he might not be about to sign any contracts and launch a series, his simple take on showing his daily life has captured the public’s imagination apparently far more than anything similar to it.

Even when viewers are subjected to the same scenery and images popping up, they’re not deterred from keeping tabs on the seconds of Skuta’s life, which is clearly shown in the number of people who have watched each of his 14 videos to date.

No doubt now that he has seen how popular his little project is, Skuta will continue his compilation of seconds until the year is out, or maybe he will continue right into 2014. Who knows?

Though if he listens to the comments reality TV star Paris Hilton has recently made about her experience of constant camera attention, Skuta might want to nip this project in the bud before too many obsessive viewers start to creep him out.

Regardless of what Matt Skuta decides to do with his one second snippets of daily life, viewers are sure to be witness to a rather intriguing look into someone else’s life.


[Image via Shutterstock]