Amazon Selling $1 Billion Worth Of Product Over Mobile Products Each Year

Mobile devices are big business for Amazon, according to the webs largest retailer, the company is now selling over $1 billion in products over various mobile options.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement:

“The leading mobile commerce device today is the smartphone, but we’re excited by the potential of the new category of wireless tablet computers. Over time, tablet computers could become a meaningful additional driver for our business.”

Those numbers are expected to continue climbing with the companies recently launched iPad-optimized site options and their already popular iPhone App. The company also supports applications for Android and Blackberry devices, with more companies quick to add Amazon to their list of compatible programs.

Amazon Payments is also expected to continue it’s rise as a major player on mobility devices.

With $6.57 billion reported for second quarter earnings, $1 billion is a rather size-able chunk of the companies earnings for a technology that is just beginning to reach its true potential.

What experiences have you had with Amazon mobility products?