Jeff Garlin Won’t Face Charges In Parking Space Fiasco

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Jeff Garlin won’t face charges of vandalism after getting into a heated dispute over a parking space.

The comedian was arrested over the weekend after being accused of breaking a window in a car that supposedly took the spot he was eyeing at a Studio City CVS Pharmacy on Saturday.

According to TMZ, Jeff Garlin became so enraged at the woman in the Mercedes that he broke her side window with his bare hand. Police soon arrived on the scene and slapped the cuffs on the comedian. He was facing charges of felony vandalism at the time.

However, it appears Garlin won’t fan any charges for losing his cool over the parking space. Instead of coughing up a fine or spending a bit of time behind bars, prosecutors have other plans for the Curb Your Enthusiasm star.

CBS News reports Jeff Garlin is scheduled for a hearing at the Los Angeles city attorney’s office. Instead of fines or jail time, the comedian will be instructed about the law and how he can avoid such incidents going forward. In other words, he’s getting off pretty light for his unruly behavior.

“We examined the facts and determined an office hearing is most appropriate in this circumstance,” city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said. He added that Garlin’s actions didn’t “reach the threshold” for criminal charges.

As for Jeff Garlin’s scheduled appearance at the Los Angeles attorney’s office, Mateljan said such hearings are done in order to avoid going to trial. Of course, the woman whose car was damaged still has the option of pursuing a civil case against the comedian in the future.

Although Garlin spends a fair amount of time on Twitter, he’s yet to address the situation on the micro-blogging site. His last tweet was sent out on June 14.

Are you surprised Jeff Garlin won’t face criminal charges for breaking a woman’s car window over the weekend? Do you think the comedian overreacted?

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