Warner Bros. May Go Against Marvel Strategy And Launch ‘Justice League’ Film First

Justice League movies featuring Green Lantersn, Shazam, Flash, Wonder Woman and more are slated for release.

With Warner Bros. getting ready to take over the DC comic world, word on the scene is that the Man of Steel sequel may not be coming as soon as some would like. Killing two birds with one stone writer of Man of Steel and the anticipated Justice League, David S. Goyer stopped by to talk with Empire to put some rumors to rest, and at the same time divulged a little bit about what the studio is thinking in terms of their franchise options.

During Goyer’s interview, he gave an insight to those who were already suspecting Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel was a reset for the DC universe. Goyer said Warner Bros. plan with Man of Steel: “would be the starting point for introducing other characters and ultimately, obviously Warner Brothers hopes there will be a ‘Justice League’ film and perhaps you might start seeing other characters appearing in each other’s films. I think in some ways they’re interested in going perhaps the opposite direction that Marvel has done which may be to do a group film and then spin off.”

For those who are familiar with the Marvel universe, this system would be an exact about face from their plan. In order to set themselves apart, it seems like Warner Bros wants to launch the Justice League film ahead of the other character-driven stories in the DC World. Marvel took a different (and very successful) approach by launching spin-off films, such as Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, before teaming all of the characters up for the Avengers film. As some of you may know these spin-offs have all went into franchises, including the cumulative film Avengers, which is currently getting ready for Avengers 2.

While Warner Bros. is reaping all the benefits at the box office with Man of Steel, it’s difficult to predict how this approach will work in their favor. For Marvel, a huge amount of success in the Avengers film came because the audience, whether or not they were comic book fans, had a knowledge of the characters they were seeing beforehand due to the films that came before. For most of the movie-going audience, they will be going into the Justice League film completely blind with the exception of Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.

Do you think this is a smart move on Warner Bros?