Random London Pavement Explosions Prompt Official Warning [Video]

London, UK – London has a pavement explosion problem, which is apparently so severe and dangerous that officials have stepped up and finally warned the public about the unstable walking spaces.

Londoners are actually at risk of death from a strange outbreak of pavement explosions, some of which have been captured on video and shared on social media sites as well as YouTube. London’s Health and Safety Executive has issued an official warning over the growing risk of spontaneous death.

The risk is growing with 12 explosions total in 2010, rising to a staggering 29 last year. In less than six months in 2013, there have already been a worrying 12 explosions.

Back in May 2012, three women were injured by a pavement explosion on Edgware Road, and in August of 2011, Colin Wingate, 72, was confined to a wheelchair for three months following an incident in north-west London.

So what is causing London’s pavement explosions?


UK Power Networks, the firm in charge of under-pavement electricity boxes (which are causing the problem), said that the explosions have to be understood in context. There are over 100,000 boxes under London streets, and the number of explosions seen over the past few years represent “relatively few cases when our equipment has faltered.”

If you ask me, roughly 20 random pavement explosions a year is still about 20 random pavement explosions too many, but I digress.

You can check out a short clip that went viral back in April depicting a random London pavement explosion. No one seems to get hurt, but a Londoner walking by definitely gets spooked. Also, if you live in London, let us know what you think of this strange occurrence and if you’ve seen it first hand in the comments below!