Hairdresser Who Shaved Head To Support Cancer-Suffering Sister Quits Job After Salon Ask Her To Wear Wig

A hairdresser who shaved her head to support her sister, who is battling ovarian cancer, was forced to resign because her employers insisted that she needed to wear a wig.

Melanie Strandberg who has worked in Spokane, Washington since December in her role as a salon supervisor and hair stylist, but her bosses believed that her bald head would make customers incredibly uncomfortable.

However, Strandberg was apoplectic at the request, and instead she resigned. Strandberg stated about the ordeal, “I decided that I can’t just support her 50 percent of the time.”

Strandberg was talking about her sister, Marisa Lowe, who recently discovered that she has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time her life. Lowe only found out two weeks ago that she has stage-three ovarian cancer after she’d had a first round of chemo last year.

Strandberg herself has also overcome her own cancer battle, and once she knew that her sister was again struggling with the illness she knew that she wanted to support her.


Once the owners at La Rive Salon and Spa asked her to wear a wig, Strandberg decided to write a resignation letter which she went on to upload to Facebook.

She wrote, “I was told I could possibly offend guests and would not be able to market hair sales without hair. I believe none of this to be just not true in the least bit. I feel I would inspire and do our community proud in showing my support… I can only hope that someone fighting cancer never gets told they may offend someone due to their appearance.”

A spokesperson for the general hair salon company has stated that they are going to investigate Strandberg’s claims as they clash with their policy. They have even noted that she can have her job back if she wants it.

[Image via Maria Sbytova/Shutterstock]