Kim And Kanye’s Baby Is Going To Be A Star, Says Astrologist

Kim and Kanye’s newborn baby is going to be a star. Well, that’s what astrologist Susan Miller foresees.

Miller, who runs the website, predicts that Kim and Kanye’s baby is going to be famous.

Miller writes: “At the very top of her chart, she has Neptune. When you have Neptune so high up, your face is known to everyone. This is not a private baby.”

You didn’t really need the stars to make that prediction. The newborn baby will be part of the Kardashian family and will probably land its first reality show by age 3 weeks. Kanye West isn’t really known for his modesty, either, and will probably dedicate his new album Yeezus to the little girl.

But according to Miller, Kim and Kanye’s baby will be more than just a famous face. Miller believes that baby Kimye will be a great writer and a hard worker.

Miller told OMG: “She has the moon of Virgo, a sign of how superb she is at communicating and writing. When you have the moon in Virgo, you watch all the details and you get good with grammar and you hand in something polished. This baby cares, she’s organized. This child is goal-oriented, knows what’s she wants.”

In addition to being talented, Miller also believes that the new baby will have the gift of turning her talents into money.


Miller writes: “She knows how to make money because Venus is in the solar second house with Mercury so the writing brings her the money. Venus is associated not just with love, but with money. She’s born with a lot of energy and a lot of drive. And she’ll be very sunny and happy and optimistic.”

Kim and Kanye’s baby will also have a great relationship with mom and dad.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few years to find out if any of Miller’s predictions come true. There is one thing, however, that we already know: Kim and Kanye’s baby is going to be followed by rumors, gossip, and the paparazzi for most of her life.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t shown off the new baby yet but grandma Kris Jenner said that both Kim and the baby were happy and healthy.