Orlando Woman Uses Stun Gun To Punish Child Over Oatmeal [Video]

An Orlando woman used a stun gun to punish a child over oatmeal.

An Orlando woman allegedly punished her daughter with a stun gun when the child failed to make oatmeal properly. Melissa Neale faces charges of child abuse after taking discipline a bit too far over the preparation of a breakfast food.

Melissa Neale and her two children were staying in someone else’s apartment when the incident happened June 9, according to an arrest affidavit. The apartment renter’s name was not revealed, but sources say she saw 34-year-old Neale touch a stun gun to her daughter’s knee, resulting in the little one falling to the floor and screaming.

Later, the woman whose apartment Melissa Neale was staying in said she found a note on the child‘s dresser indicating that the girl didn’t want to live any more. This was what prompted her to notify authorities and have her guest held legally accountable.

During the three week stay, the apartment’s legal resident witnessed Melissa Neale slapping her children, punching them in the back of the head, and pulling them by their hair around the room on several occasions. The Orlando woman denied the charges of abuse, however, and said the stun gun had been turned off during the oatmeal incident. The stun gun was confiscated as evidence, and the police noted burn marks on her daughter’s leg where the stun gun was apparently used.

Melissa Neale claimed the marks had been made with a spoon.

Former Sheriff’s deputy James Copenhaver told local news that stun guns use sufficient voltage that leaves telltale signs of use, and it is enough to immobilize a fully grown adult. He said, “No matter where you’re impacted … it’s going to cause obviously a red mark, probably puncture wounds, or a burn mark on the skin.”

Melissa Neale has had her children placed with relatives and taken away from her as she was taken into custody.

What do you think of the Orlando woman who punished her daughter with a stun gun? What would you do if your child made oatmeal wrong?

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