Ford Motors Adding Physical Controls Back Into Vehicles After Switching To Touchscreens, Voice Recognition

Ford Motors is taking a step back in terms of the technology it emphasizes in its vehicles. According to a new report, the automobile giant is adding physical controls back into its in-car systems.

Ford in recent years has made every attempt possible to ditch physical knobs and buttons. Instead, the car manufacturer had moved towards touchscreens and voice recognition systems.

According to the report, the new Ford system will remove some of the complexity of the Sync and MyFord Touch systems by adding buttons and knobs that are easier to adjust when driving.

Global product development chief Raj Nair tells the Wall Street Journal that drivers are frustrated because they can't easily change their systems volume or radio stations as quickly as they had with traditional knob setups.

Ford will not be doing away with its new control panels; instead, the company will dumb down the technology to make navigating a far simpler task.

While nearly 80 percent of all Ford customers choose the Sync or MyFord Touch Systems, the company now believes that additional control systems based on knobs and buttons will help customers more thoroughly enjoy their vehicles.

According to Nair:

"The satisfaction is higher on the vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch than without. We've been able to spend a lot of time with customers to find out what exactly are the areas that are bothering them."

When Ford unveiled the MyFord Touch system, the company watched as its quality survey ratings fell in both 2011 and 2012. Ford quickly worked to win back its customers trust through software updates for existing systems and better voice recognition software. Ford has since added a more streamlined layout for quicker access.

Do you think adding knobs and buttons to a modern touchscreen and voice-enabled system is a smart move by the team at Ford Motors?