Has Cavs owner Dan Gilbert gone off the deep end?

This will be my last Lebron James story for a long while, I promise. However I really got to question the sanity and the decision by Cavs owners Dan Gilbert to come out and blast Lebron in the wake of his decision to leave town. It is not that I disagree with anything Mr. Gilbert said, just that NBA owners probably should not conduct themselves in this manner. To be fair, I use to work for Mr. Gilbert and always found him to be a pretty pleasant guy. Lebron really got under his skin, and Dan hated this self indulgent display as much as the rest of us did.

To start Dan wrote an open letter to Cavs fans that was posted on the team’s website moments after the news hit. In that letter he called Lebron disloyal and worse, saying much the same thing I said about this incredible narcissistic, self indulgent display that has ruined the credibility of the four letter network, and the University of Phoenix who sponsored this ridiculous display. (Of course the University of Phoenix is allegedly run by a bunch of pimps and whores anyway so maybe this is par for the course for them.) One can read Gilbert’s letter here.

Of course he was not finished, in an interview with the AP Gilbert then accused Lebron of quitting on his team, and cited several examples. He said James quit on the Cavs not only in game five, but in games 2, 4, and 6 of the Boston Celtics playoff series. He also said that James has gotten a free pass for far too long, and that it is time to put that practice to an end.

Again, for the most part I agree with Gilbert’s reaction. I do not care that James decided to go to Miami, he was free to do so, but the way in which he did so was repulsive. However this kind of scathing commentary should be saved for us sports bloggers, not an owner of a NBA franchise.