Jersey City Councilman Steve Lipski likes to pee from high places

Jersey City Councilman Steve Lipski may have been unknown to most of the world before today, but things can rapidly change. Steven Lipski apparently likes a drink, but its what he did while drunk Friday that has exposed him to a wider audience.

Lipski was arrested Friday night for urinating on a crowd of concertgoers from the balcony of a Washington nightclub. Lipski was attending the club to hear a Grateful Dead tribute band.

According to sources quoted by the New York Daily News, Lipski was “very drunk” but this wasn’t the first time Lipski had caused a ruckus at the venue: “We’ve dealt with this man before,” the source added. “He’s never peed on anybody, but he gets really belligerent and drunk.”

Lipski, who is serving his second term in office was charged with simple assault. As well as serving as a Jersey City Councilman, Lipski was previously a mayoral candidate as well.