Courtney Love Blogs About Proposition 8

In an extremely confusing (and frightening) blog entry, Courtney Love spilled her feelings about Prop 8–but was she for or against it? I’ve read her post a couple times now, and I think she was actually on the right path until someone tried to explain voting to her. Prepare to have your head messed with:

“blown away
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That prop 8 passsed! motherf[*]ckers! who voted against it!
it was confusing language in malibu there were kids reminding us to vote yes thatthe language was conbfusing and people were votingno when they meant yes or soemthin”

Anyone want to take a stab at deciphering this? Was Courtney actually trying to Vote No on Prop 8? Methinks someone should’ve just “Saved to Draft.”

I found the screenshot for you to enjoy.