Miley Cyrus Drops Two No-Pants Tweets

Miley Cyrus is not about to sit back and let upstart Stacie Juris get all the glory for working a sports jersey with no pants. The 20-year-old twerking sensation would like you to know that she’s got a darn good pair of legs herself.

So she thoughtfully took a selfie wearing nothing but some silver high-heeled, ankle-strapped f***-me shoes and a Chicago White Sox baseball jersey. Check it out below.

Wowsers. Even Amanda Bynes would have trouble calling those legs “ugly.”

According to various gossip sites, Miley Cyrus had dinner with her mother Trish in Chicago that evening. Trish recently filed for divorce from Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley had reached out to the “The Achy Breaky Heart” singer on Twitter, demanding that he discuss the issue. Whether he did or not is open to question, but she didn’t hold back from wishing him a Happy Father’s Day through Twitter on Sunday.

Anyway, after the dinner with mom, Cyrus attended an event to promote her new single, “We Can’t Stop.”

You can see the conservative yet figure-hugging Mason Martin Margiela jumpsuit that she wore in a second tweet that I’ve also posted below.

But you can’t keep Miley Cyrus in quiet business gray for long. Check out her final tweet.

According to The Daily Mail, that’s the promotional poster that was scattered around the Chicago ballroom where she appeared.

Here’s that Miley Cyrus jersey tweet without her pants:

And here she is out on the town later that night:

Where are Miley Cyrus’ trousers now?

Which look do you like better? Pants or no pants for Miley Cyrus?

[Miley Cyrus top photo by s_bukley /]