Bindi Irwin Says ‘Go Hug Your Loved Ones’ After Death Hoax

If you’ve been on the internet this week you probably heard that Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late great Steve Irwin, died. But don’t worry, there wasn’t any truth to the rumor. The young animal activist has been hanging out on the Great Barrier Reef with the Wildlife Warriors.

The internet is a common place for death hoaxes but the Bindi Irwin rumor was a little different.

The young environmentalist was apparently the victim of a technology mishap when two trending terms were combined to create “Steve Irwin’s Daughter Dies.” The Social News Daily calls this a “Trends Hiccup.”

There was never any truth to the rumor but the internet was still relatively worried about the well-being of Bindi Irwin. The 14-year-old frequently uses social media but her profiles have been quiet since June 12. Well, everyone can relax now because Bindi has taken to Twitter to give a little update about her life.

The animal lover writes that she was been running around with her friends and playing on the Great Barrier Reef this weekend.


It’s unclear if Bindi is aware of all the people who were worried about her this week but she did send out a loving message reminding people not to take their loved ones for granted.

Bindi’s father, Steve Irwin, passed away several years ago but the young animal activists and her family are continuing their father’s legacy. Bindi, her brother Bob and her mother Terri have continued the Wildlife Warriors series in Steve’s honor.