Terror Note On Plane Causes Emergency Landing, Plane Back In Air

Egyptair flight 985 bound for New York made an emergency landing in Scotland Saturday after a ‘terror note’ was found in the bathroom of the plane by BBC producer, Nada Tawfik.

According to reports, Tawfik was using the restroom when she discovered a napkin that had the message “I’ll set this plane on fire” written on it, alongside this was a series of numbers that looked like they could be referring to one of the seats on board the plane; realizing the implications if the note was genuine, Tawfik informed the cabin crew, who then alerted the authorities.

In reaction to the news, the 985 flight was escorted to an airport in Scotland, Glasgow’s Prestwick, by RAF Typhoon fighter planes for the matter to be fully investigated; however, the extensive search of the aircraft has turned up no more threatening evidence and so the plane has been allowed to continue its journey to New York.

At least the matter wasn’t as questionable as the case where overzealous cabin crews diverted the plane just to kick off some of its passengers, because that would have really been an embarrassing scene for the BBC producer to be involved in.

A spokesman for the terror note episode had this to say about the situation:

“Officers from Police Scotland have carried out an extensive search of the aircraft resulting in no suspicious items being found, […] Passengers and crew are now aboard and the aircraft is continuing its flight to New York.”

He then continued by saying that, although nothing was found, besides the note itself, the police are still looking into the circumstances, though as of yet no arrests have been made.

It would seem that, whether a genuine threat or not, none of the passengers have been linked to any terrorists organizations, unlike the two passengers linked to Islamic terrorist groups when a plane crashed in 2009.

Despite the worry surrounding the terror note find, not to mention the overnight stay for the plane and its passengers, the airport still remained open and continued about its daily activities.

[Image via now.msn]