Chief Lt. Gen. David Morrison Tells Sexiest Service Members To ‘Get Out Now’ [Video]

Australian Army Chief Lt. Gen. David Morrison has decided to speak out about the sexism and abusive goings on that service members participate in; already an “Internet celebrity” of sorts, Morrison is known for his blunt and matter-of-fact opinions of subjects such as this.

The three minute video shows Morrison taking a stern and unblinking position as he talks about how all these stories damage and degrade the service, veterans, and the people of Australia in general:

“Those who think that it is OK to behave in a way that demeans or exploits their colleagues have no place in this army,”

Chief. Lt. David Morrison then continues his message by discussing how all the female officers that have been involved in operations have always proven themselves worthy of their position in the army, and furthermore, that these women are vital to maintaining Australia’s military capabilities.

The video that was released earlier this week could be seen as a response to the shocking discovery that a group of army soldiers had started a sex ring in which they shared naked photographs and stories of their sexual conquests.

From the report the Sydney Morning Herald released, the soldiers not only shared pictures but the names, addresses, and numbers of these women, all of which was designed to help other members of the ring to have sex with them.

Maybe these individuals should attend some anti-sexism classes, which is exactly what a group of French ministers did in order to try to avoid social faux pas.

In light of these new events, it’s no wonder Chief. Lt. David Morrison decided to take a stand and address the issue head on; his decision to do so has earned him wide acclaim and praise across the Internet, with some posters demanding that other military officials take note and work towards this standard.

However, is there any surprise that people still retain their sexist ways when you have comedians such as Tracy Morgan using sexiest comments as part of their stand-up routine.

Nonetheless, despite all the public actions of sexism that keep happening, it would seem that Chief. Lt. David Morrison is willing to stand up and tackle the issue, while also continuing to make a positive name for himself, not just in the military, but across the Internet as well.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]