The White Sox are coming apart at the seams

It has not been a good baseball season on the South Side of Chicago. The White Sox are 27-33, in third place in the American League Central, and find themselves 8.5 games behind the division leading Minnesota Twins. Even after beating up on the Detroit Tigers they are four games behind them. Now comes word of an altercation between Sox General Manager Ken Williams and Manager Ozzie Guillen. Apparently the two got into a heated argument Thursday after the team beat teh Tigers on their home field.

This is a relationship that has been deteriorating over the last year or so. It does not help that the team has struggled, and many are always questioning how Guillen chooses to conduct himself. With Ozzie we have to understand his temperament, and understand that most of the time he is just being himself. However getting into an alleged violent confrontation with a direct superior is never a good idea.

It seems the two are battling each other over control of the franchise, and a number of roster decisions have been made by Guillen that Williams does not seem to fully support. This latest argument comes via fallout from the draft and Ozzie's son Ozney. The White Sox drafted him in the 22nd round of this week's draft, and apparently he will honor his commitment and scholarship to the University of South Florida, and not sign with the club. This seems to have stirred up more friction between Ozzie and the front office.

This comes in the wake of a spring training incident were Ozney's older brother Oney resigned from the team over a dispute about the middle Guillen son tweeting. The White Sox had a problem with what he was saying abut the team, and ordered him to stop. The real lesson here is one Guillen is enough, and Williams and Guillen should both be fired for turning the Sox's 2010 season into an episode of Days of our Lives.

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