Could Bret Taylor replace Mark Zuckerberg as the face of Facebook (Please)

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook, might be a lot of things but the one thing he most definitely isn’t is comfortable talking in front of a large number of people – especially when he is having to defend his actions or his company’s policies. From a really bad interview during a past SXSW conference to his most recent appearance on stage at the D8 conference with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg it seems that the only thing Zuckerberg leaves behind is a trail of sweat.

In a recent post over at his Scobleizer blog Robert Scoble asked if it was time for Zuckerberg to resign as the CEO and find some-one better to be t he face of the company. This doesn’t mean that he needs to leave the company but rather for him to switch to a more suitable role that doesn’t include interaction with real people.

The question then is – who would become the face of Facebook?

Well I think the answer is pretty simple especially since Facebook has already paid for the best talent around when they bought Friendfeed. I am of course talking about the newly minted CTO of Facebook – Bret Taylor.

The man has the talent and exudes the confidence needed when put in high pressure situations that Zuckerberg always seems to be putting the company. So it’s not like Bret wouldn’t have plenty to do.

He has already shared the stage with Zuckerberg and I watched the Facebook f8 conference and there is no doubt that Bret had a better stage presence that Mark did.

So tell you what Mark – take a holiday and let Bret handle the real people that obviously make you so uncomfortable. It would probably be one of your better business decisions of late.

image courtesy of CNET News