Killzone 3 unveiled by Sony, coming to PS3 in 3D

Chris Greenhough

Killzone 3 has been one of the industry's open secrets for a while now, and now Sony has confirmed the sequel to Killzone 2 is for reals. US magazine GamePro got an exclusive first look, and revealed some of the advances the third Killzone game would make.

GamePro's preview reveals an optional 3D mode - you'll have to wear special glasses for that - and that the story will follow on from Killzone 2. Other details: it'll feature jetpacks that are themselves equipped with mounted machine guns (the magazine describes these as "surprisingly lightweight and agile"), and enemies will have jetpacks also.

Levels will allegedly be "ten times bigger" than in the last game, and there will be ice and space environments. Oh, and Sony dropped the three screens you see on the page.

As you can see, it'll probably look really, really nice, though still not as good as Killzone 2's (*cough*) "real-time" teaser trailer from 2005. If you want a closer look at the game, Eurogamer has a fine hands-on piece that you can read here.

[Via press release]