Kindle app hitting Android phones this summer

Amazon is finally releasing a Kindle app for Android phones, only getting as specific as saying we can expect the app “this summer.”

Blackberry got a Kindle app in February, and the iPhone has had the Kindle app available since March of 2009. If you’re used to reading and buying books on an iPhone, or you have an iPod touch and an Android phone, the Android Kindle app will handle the book-buying process a bit more smoothly. On iPhones, if you (deliberately or accidentally) click the “Get Books” button, Safari launches and opens a mobile optimized version of Amazon’s website. (Apple won’t allow in-app sales without taking a mafia-like 30% cut.) On the Android Kindle app, you’ll be able to purchase books without leaving the app, which is a pretty cool improvement.

It seems like Amazon is hoping use of the Kindle app will eventually boost sales of a dedicated Kindle device. (I personally use the Kindle app for iPhone heavily and often wonder how a just-Kindle could be three hundred dollars better.) Amazon’s Kindle director says:

“Kindle for Android is the perfect companion application for Kindle and Kindle DX owners, and is also a great way for customers to enjoy over 540,000 books in the Kindle Store even if they don’t yet have a Kindle,” said Jay Marine, director, Amazon Kindle. “We think customers are going to love the convenience and simplicity of having instant access to a massive selection of books from Amazon on their Droid, Nexus, Incredible and many more Android devices.”

Amazon will release information as it becomes available here, and you can sign up to be notified when the app is released.