Food Network chef arrested in alleged plot to murder wife

Food Network chef Juan Carlos Cruz has been arrested by Los Angeles police after he allegedly made a bizarre attempt to bribe homeless men to murder his wife.

The District Attorney of Los Angeles has charged the Calorie Commando star with murder and solicitation for murder after the plot came to light, and TMZ posted excerpts from a series of text messages between Cruz and the three men:

Cruz texted the men: “Have already been burned with whole bills then no show thats why do it this way.”

He then texted: “Have 2nd party ready 2 take over if u dont want it r u in?”

Cruz also used the phone to set up meets with the men — one text read, “Call me i have a proposal,” another read “Meet me at the spot in a hour,” while another said “Meet at starbucks 10 am to discuss details about wed.”

Cruz is said to have supplied the three men with halves of torn $100 bills as a deposit, withholding the other halves until the murder of Cruz’s wife Jennifer Campbell was complete. He is also alleged to have supplied the three men with box cutters, instructing them to either strangle Campbell or slash her throat. The three men went to a homeless liaison in the area, who contacted police. Law enforcement officials set up a wire to obtain audio detailing the plan.

Cruz was arrested May 13th, and charged this morning. If convicted on charges relating to the attempted murder of his wife, Cruz could face life in prison.