Bloggers whining about political AdSense ads

It’s bad enough that we have Web 2.0 and social media purest types who want us to basically give away all our work for free but because of the flaring tempers during this election we’ve got bloggers getting pissed at Google for serving up some ads to do with a California proposition. You know that company that is helping to put food on your table and the one that blogging purest says shouldn’t be cluttering up the way you make a living.

I’ve seen more than one blogger whining about this invasion of their sidebar with ads that offend their sensibilities and declaring that they are taking down their only source of income until after Tuesday. Wow, that’s gonna accomplish a lot isn’t it. Take about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Instead of getting all outrage why not employee a little bit of guerilla advertising to the situation. Here’s one suggestion for you to try

Step 1 – see that graphic up on the right of the post? Right click on it and select to save to your hard drive.

Step 2 – upload that graphic to your blogging server where you have all your other pictures for your blog

Step 3 – Head into your blogging platform Admin area and add a widget to the sidebar.

Step 4 – Add an image link to the graphic to your text widget – to make it look nice put it in a div with alignment set to center.

Step 5 – Add a nice little caption to the widget thanking Google for giving you this opportunity to raise some extra money but you are morally outrage that they do it by serving up ads like to one for prop8 (either side of the coin). You can probably vary the text but you get the idea – right?

Step 6 – title the widget and then activate it.

Step 7 – now write up a post about what the new sidebar widget for and how you are really pissed at Google but rather than ripping out the ads you will take any money raised through any of the displayed prop8 ads and donate it to the local aids clinic or some similar local organization that supports your side of the coin.

Step 8 – Post it

Step 9 – make your donation – take pictures – post about it again thanking Google.

You accomplish a lot more doing stuff this way because if you really think that Google is going to really give a shit about what a bunch of whining bloggers have to say about how ads are being served up yer nuts. The fact is that when it comes to advertising Google is all about money and it has no conscience in where that money is coming from. So rather than sitting around whining your moral outrage over this do something constructive and help out your side of the pointlessness.

But whining to Google is just pointless.